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Kit Contains:
0 x Wheeled bin (1100 litre)
40 x Absorbent socks 8cm x 3m
300 x Absorbent pads 40cm x 50cm
1 x Absorbent Roll 50cm x 44m
1 x Absorbent Roll 100cm x 44m
2 x Plug Rug drain cover 45cm x 65cm
2 x 0.5kg Plugging compound
12 x Disposal bag & tie
1 x Roll ‘Caution Spill Hazard’ tape
1 x Instruction and contents sheet

Chemical spill kits can be placed in multiple locations around the site, factory, warehouse, plant, garage, farm or chemical site, they will provide optimal initial response should a spill, or leaks occur.

Kits come in different sizes from wall hung, stored on the rear of a fork-lift, to wall mounted cabinets & wheeled bins/chests (plus many more). Always store a kit in high-risk areas such as chemical points and drum storage areas.

Chemical absorbent pads for use on spills and leaks of hazardous fluids. Maximum absorbency without waste; easier to deploy and clean-up than indiscriminate loose granular material. Suitable for use in laboratories, workshops, production areas, maintenance facilities, forklift charging areas and any other situation where leaks and spills may occur.

Refill pack contents list shows what comes in the refill