Qatar Expansion Joint Profiles
  • Qatar Expansion Joint Profiles

Watertight Expansion Joint Profiles

Width : 50 mm
Height-Load Capacity : 25-50-60-70-100 mm | Resistant to 15 tones vehicle, 6 tones forklift load.(AR 600-050A which has 25 mm height resistant to 3.5 tones vehicle load.) t:2.5 mm stainless steel top caps, 28 cm width thermoplastic side wings, hot air welded corner details of connection points are available. UV Resistant.
Movement Capacity: +/- 20 mm
Profile Length: 3 mt
Alternative Leg Heights: AR600-050A H:25 mm | AR601-050 H:60 | AR602-050 H:70 mm | AR603-050 H:100 mm
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Qatar Watertight Expansion Joint Profiles

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